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Sabtu, 28 Juli 2012


jauh dekat dawai melebar sayap, berdepa depa / beberapa terbang dibiru perkasa, ada lantunan kulai / samudera! beritahu bumi dimana genggam kepak kepaknya? / mencarikah ia di sela sela jendela senja pagi? / riak riak melantun riuh / gelombang! beritahu angin dimana dawai terbangkan ruasnya? // ************************************************ bandung, 29 July 2012

Minggu, 22 Juli 2012


these poems are in bookrix e-book, free download ***************,html ************************** 1/ HERE WE ARE/ here we are, still/ from turning left and right/ in the convers' cave/ the wall whispers/ the angel scarves/ a lantern sparkling/ to the loved people arms/ to the legs' land/ ( Nov 2011)************************************************ 2/ THE FOOT DAYS/ some steps run out in a hurry/ they don't want to be scattered/ all over the places/ the soles walk through beginning days/ unsplit on through several fingers/ split out, then they have picked up/ to come a day of two season: wet and dry/ while stick days swing around/ the dates and months scattered away/ some steps keep in a hurry/ sustainably walk, run and jump/ (July 2012)***************************************** 3/ WHERE DO/ mornings blow/ misty rhymes/ where do you keep the silence up/ where people take smiles up/ where does the land pull breath out/ cool days/ blue ocean, blue ocean/ where do you lay down a hawk's holding up/ the tight flying, much flown up/ tighten wings more/ (July 2012)****************************************** 4/ IN A GARDEN/ knocking the wall door, i/ slow footh-path/ smooth steps/ stony on grass/ flowers around/ the leafy next to it/ make garland up/ put me on/ grateful, i/ nice wind blows/ fleecy cloud/ in a garden/ (July 2011)***************************************** 5/ CANDLE/ there, light up/ warm arms up/ candle dances/ hug the bodies around/ here, haven in/ cool eyes on/ canle jumps/ fire the hearts up/ there, tight flows/ light violet header/ candle sings and prays/ heaping silence up/ (January 2012)******************************** 6/ WHISPER/ whispering sun/ to the large morning/ to the wind dialog/ to the birds' wings/ to the leafy serenade/ to the flawless fleece/ to the amazed arms/ to the strong feet/ to the flare land/ to the fillers' whisper/ (August 2010)************************************** 7/ FROM EYES TO PAINT ON there were faithful days/ when draws poems in/ day by day up/ the sky make favorable/ impression upon me/ there were pages of mine/ few years ages written/ since knowing smooth dew in mornings/ used to stare up mother's eyes/ : to see what words to paint on/ (April 2011)******************************************************* ********************************************* nb: actually there 're written in lines and paragraphs, dunno why here *in blog, they such always in narration. Thats why i use to take '/' have a nice reading... :) bandung, 23 July 2012

Senin, 16 Juli 2012


beberapa langkah bersegera, mereka tak ingin terberai/ tapak tapak berlarian pada beberapa hari yang dimulai/ mereka tak ingin tercecer, walau ada sekian jengkal cecer, dipungutinya segera untuk tiba, suatu masa dari dua penggal musim/ seketika terayun tongkat/ berhamburan tanggal tanggal serta bulan dari dinding/ beberapa langkah tetap bersegera: kian cepat, ada pula hingga terhuyung/ ia bawa angka tanggal yang hinggap di gagang pintu rumah/ jari lain ambil hempasan di dedaun segar/ goyang diterpa piuh/ dari kelopak bunga tertambat beberapa tanggal/ langkah bersegera/ tergesa lari, jumpai terbangan dari ilalang yang mulai kering: juntai diayun mentari/ dari coklat batang matang, ia punguti banyak berai/ terus menerus hingga sedikit saja masih/ untuk serempak masa, dari tiupan/ tempat menaut setiap cecerannya/ untuk relung relung tempat bernaung gelung asa dan rasa/: menetapi sapa hingga pernyataan disetia musim // *********************************************************************** bandung, 16 Juli 2012 ************************************* * IN DRY IN DRY * some steps run in a hurry, they don't want to be scattered all over the places, the soles walk through the beginning days unspilt on though several fingers spilt out then they have picked up to come a day of two season: wet and dry, while a stick day swing around the dates and month scattered away from the wall, some steps keep in a hurry, and more . . .

Senin, 09 Juli 2012


here'r several of my poems with others around the world, which have included in The Anthology of THE REFLECTION ON THE BLUE PLANET, series anthology published in Ontario Canada, 12th July 2012 (* It's so lovely! bunches of thanks for my being there, blessing days always by love :) *********************************************************************
3/ TO THE EARTH *********************** how is the earth's breath? it is us, people with eyes and arms at the windows our legs, sometimes at the doors later on sitting and unhampered walking, pressing, running then jumping how is the earth's breath? it is our age which fluttering, hanging on the twigs waiting of densely ones having convers by bright morning until cooling twilight waiting tightly hands which are learned of how to peck, either on soft or hard twigs how to chew food on several swallows, of being patient by nice of heart fingers * Bandung, March 2012
***************************************************************** 4/ WAVY *************************** it is not just blue wavy it is not just an underlayer sea, sea of blue blue wavy which waving us of you people by blue soul people by wavy blood people by turbulent people by tremble people by saying shines people by nois y bones of facing tomorow it s not just blue it is not just blue wavy it is a fantastic sea, really is! * Bandung, June 2012 *************************************************************
5/ CONVERSATION the sky and the earth have such conversation by the wind thinking themselves of blow and silence remembering of letters' plashing listening from the beginning to the endless convers he says with his sole harden and being yellowish of steps run, laugh and memories "don't tread on my feet, nor staring at me like it is so, either come on, let me show you to the montainous story which some could be had read by you." he steps in front of me "hurry up, you might hear morning pages till twilight so that you must pray for us o f kindness." smile, I, at the back of him have been heild of living sweet, sour and bitter * Bandung, February 2012

The Morning Cloth Torn

My Poems which have published by 8th July 2012 with 29 others at THE ANTHOLOGY of MUSE FOR WOMEN ******************************************************************************************************* Poem 1/ THE MORNING CLOTH TORN a morning lady wear a uniform-skirt torn at a corner of public car, tearly eyes grain from the bush pulling out of rancid torn at uniform cloth from rascal’s sharp nails compelled one two bumpers turnly a morning lady at a city’s corner, tearly red grains of pain broken up the age a twilight skirt’s torn made gloomy up in bright eyes wrinkled morning forehead sustainably, crochets her left and right cheek, she by morning fingers cool the ears up, blowly ******* bandung, 15 May 2012
****************************************************************************************************** Poem 2/ SPELLING DAYS don’t you hear a scream of hard embrace of one’s liar desire on she don’t you see her silence stepping on how carving wound don’t you feel she hurted, touched by spelling days’ letters to hold smile up from being casted from being withered from capricious uncustomly for a light : of her lines’ pages of book bandung, 14 June 2012