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Senin, 09 Juli 2012

The Morning Cloth Torn

My Poems which have published by 8th July 2012 with 29 others at THE ANTHOLOGY of MUSE FOR WOMEN ******************************************************************************************************* Poem 1/ THE MORNING CLOTH TORN a morning lady wear a uniform-skirt torn at a corner of public car, tearly eyes grain from the bush pulling out of rancid torn at uniform cloth from rascal’s sharp nails compelled one two bumpers turnly a morning lady at a city’s corner, tearly red grains of pain broken up the age a twilight skirt’s torn made gloomy up in bright eyes wrinkled morning forehead sustainably, crochets her left and right cheek, she by morning fingers cool the ears up, blowly ******* bandung, 15 May 2012
****************************************************************************************************** Poem 2/ SPELLING DAYS don’t you hear a scream of hard embrace of one’s liar desire on she don’t you see her silence stepping on how carving wound don’t you feel she hurted, touched by spelling days’ letters to hold smile up from being casted from being withered from capricious uncustomly for a light : of her lines’ pages of book bandung, 14 June 2012

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