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Minggu, 22 Juli 2012


these poems are in bookrix e-book, free download ***************,html ************************** 1/ HERE WE ARE/ here we are, still/ from turning left and right/ in the convers' cave/ the wall whispers/ the angel scarves/ a lantern sparkling/ to the loved people arms/ to the legs' land/ ( Nov 2011)************************************************ 2/ THE FOOT DAYS/ some steps run out in a hurry/ they don't want to be scattered/ all over the places/ the soles walk through beginning days/ unsplit on through several fingers/ split out, then they have picked up/ to come a day of two season: wet and dry/ while stick days swing around/ the dates and months scattered away/ some steps keep in a hurry/ sustainably walk, run and jump/ (July 2012)***************************************** 3/ WHERE DO/ mornings blow/ misty rhymes/ where do you keep the silence up/ where people take smiles up/ where does the land pull breath out/ cool days/ blue ocean, blue ocean/ where do you lay down a hawk's holding up/ the tight flying, much flown up/ tighten wings more/ (July 2012)****************************************** 4/ IN A GARDEN/ knocking the wall door, i/ slow footh-path/ smooth steps/ stony on grass/ flowers around/ the leafy next to it/ make garland up/ put me on/ grateful, i/ nice wind blows/ fleecy cloud/ in a garden/ (July 2011)***************************************** 5/ CANDLE/ there, light up/ warm arms up/ candle dances/ hug the bodies around/ here, haven in/ cool eyes on/ canle jumps/ fire the hearts up/ there, tight flows/ light violet header/ candle sings and prays/ heaping silence up/ (January 2012)******************************** 6/ WHISPER/ whispering sun/ to the large morning/ to the wind dialog/ to the birds' wings/ to the leafy serenade/ to the flawless fleece/ to the amazed arms/ to the strong feet/ to the flare land/ to the fillers' whisper/ (August 2010)************************************** 7/ FROM EYES TO PAINT ON there were faithful days/ when draws poems in/ day by day up/ the sky make favorable/ impression upon me/ there were pages of mine/ few years ages written/ since knowing smooth dew in mornings/ used to stare up mother's eyes/ : to see what words to paint on/ (April 2011)******************************************************* ********************************************* nb: actually there 're written in lines and paragraphs, dunno why here *in blog, they such always in narration. Thats why i use to take '/' have a nice reading... :) bandung, 23 July 2012

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