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Senin, 09 Juli 2012


here'r several of my poems with others around the world, which have included in The Anthology of THE REFLECTION ON THE BLUE PLANET, series anthology published in Ontario Canada, 12th July 2012 (* It's so lovely! bunches of thanks for my being there, blessing days always by love :) *********************************************************************
3/ TO THE EARTH *********************** how is the earth's breath? it is us, people with eyes and arms at the windows our legs, sometimes at the doors later on sitting and unhampered walking, pressing, running then jumping how is the earth's breath? it is our age which fluttering, hanging on the twigs waiting of densely ones having convers by bright morning until cooling twilight waiting tightly hands which are learned of how to peck, either on soft or hard twigs how to chew food on several swallows, of being patient by nice of heart fingers * Bandung, March 2012
***************************************************************** 4/ WAVY *************************** it is not just blue wavy it is not just an underlayer sea, sea of blue blue wavy which waving us of you people by blue soul people by wavy blood people by turbulent people by tremble people by saying shines people by nois y bones of facing tomorow it s not just blue it is not just blue wavy it is a fantastic sea, really is! * Bandung, June 2012 *************************************************************
5/ CONVERSATION the sky and the earth have such conversation by the wind thinking themselves of blow and silence remembering of letters' plashing listening from the beginning to the endless convers he says with his sole harden and being yellowish of steps run, laugh and memories "don't tread on my feet, nor staring at me like it is so, either come on, let me show you to the montainous story which some could be had read by you." he steps in front of me "hurry up, you might hear morning pages till twilight so that you must pray for us o f kindness." smile, I, at the back of him have been heild of living sweet, sour and bitter * Bandung, February 2012

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