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Minggu, 09 September 2012


puisiku yang muncul juga di On The Words Of Love, blurbbooks.com_ Brian Wrixon's words of(poet, writer, publisher, Ontario-Canada) my poems, once, he says,"I like the simplicity of your poetry, the pure words and images that you choose, and the interesting way you combine phrases to paint vivid word pictures". _____ SAY SMILEY______ how is a face of missing? it's so soft, fire petals grow on endless season. on every points of compass. face of love, it won't so sharp. paint smooth whisper up/ it's a dense missing, so as adam and hawa. did near up to forbidden tree. pitched sweet khuldi fruit up and jumped out. straightly to the land by naked. sacrifice of love, indeed. so as missing, addict on holding up light. warmd smiley sun. in grains, embrace the fire grass. where people falls down, scoop the bright/ on the distance, there you are. and here i am, by candles. watching a little praise, luminescent fragant. apart, but hold and say smiley// ****** (* Bandung, February 2012) smile, makes a day nicer, however the feeling is, blessing! semoga genggam keberkahan selalu ************ bdg,10 Sept 2012

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