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jendela  nella  s wulan     ,

Rabu, 10 Oktober 2012


BERDEPA jauh dekat dawai. melebar sayap berdepa depa. beberapa terbang dibiru perkasa. ada lantunan kulai. samudera! beritahu bumi. di mana genggam kepak sayapnya, mencarikah ia di sela sela jendela senja pagi? riak riak melantun riuh, gelombang! beritahu angin. di mana dawai terbangkan ruasnya! ****** THE DISTANCE far near strings. wingspan at the distance. some of them, fly on courageous-blue. there, soften reflection. sea! tell the earth, where holding up birds' wings. does he look for them, at gaps of morning twilight window? boisterous ripples. wave! tell the wind, where strings. fly knucklebones up! ***** bandung, 29th July 2012 ***** THE STORIES' POND "i want to jump and swim in your. lovely stories," soft voice, unknown where sides by. "had we been in wet?" "yes, though ripples only," with joy, we swim in lovely stories' pond. then, we have really sunk a while. deep in pond, not only immerse. not only spotting. also unmerely took it easy on feet soles. splash entire body with words. cause praise, it is. get eerie feeling in it's leafy. were soaked colorful stories' pond. our greetings are melted tears. sometimes as goose feathers write on diary book. tears welled up in eyes. then fingers smile, fasten story lines. in quiet pond, leafy pray trees. the days up, are growth by the Greatest One. of fabulous soul and peace. ***** bandung, July 2011 ***** FROM A WINDOW VALLEY whose hand at a door? : stay in open. or what, by swing of feet. have been in a veranda. surrounds, the plants sob wet by some words. so as grass, moist of days' hug. open and fly! before coming up a late person. remembering, on every curves. : look at a back, at glance. by a cupped handful. watering knucklebones. there, rain showered down on twilight land. which has planted breath. far near ripples. make a story up, oh what a how! land swallow foggy-clamp. sunrise, open blurr up, make a light. ******** bandung, 8th October 2012 *****

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