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Jumat, 31 Agustus 2012


8 Sept, telah cetak dg 101 penulis lainnya, bebunga puisiku di halaman halaman akhir (304-308)kebun buku antologi puisi ON THE WORDS OF LOVE. berkunjunglah & baca serta nikmati sajian puisi dan tulisan tentang cinta. sebab cinta, menjadikan kita ada, untuk berjalan dan berlarian. sebab cinta, dunia ada, bumi bergulir... so much thanks Brian for being included here. atau jalan ke
THE SHINING/ in mornings, the bows arrive/ the arrows jump up, they stretch out/ send out the buds/ strengthen the wits up/ flatter some bones/ wind blows, shines garden up/ sheets of leaves drag, petals of flowers/ the arrows shaky, they hit extensionly/ make pieces of joy/ from hawks and crows wings/ above fire trees, fly to the souls/ arm in arm, shining/ *Bandung, August 2012 ****************** THE SKY IS STARRING AT/ the sky is starring at/ people in eternal way/ keeps the soul// by fighting to spin sincerely/ the cloud in swing/ also starring at people/ which have lofty love/ their walk and forth on glory/ kindness to earth/ purely keeps dim light away/ into gently shelter/ a pleasant place/ a light place to appeal/ in solitude affection/ the sky is starring at/ people in blue shiver/ which embrace one another/ soften, throb of the heart/ ***** *Bandung, 31 August 2012 ******** 10 Sept

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