jendela nella s wulan ,

jendela  nella  s wulan     ,

Kamis, 05 Agustus 2010


there , over there

knowing that you are there , there on a wood bench
with a basketful of missing plants, that i could pick
them up, oneday

you are there by dawn in lying on a holy mat
kissing through the eyes of God's heart
send some prays for me

sprout ,

whispering dew have told me, smile wind does give such letters which signed you up..
there, over there !

rarely cloud grumble, are sometimes wrestling
reaching out smooth days, though
though cruel the the asphalt
though Sun brights hot spotly warm laughes
then wind blows the dust, and thou dust are coming clean

there, over there
my dear husband is earning life for me and kids
with hand of smile gift

here, we are sitting on dry wood benches that he has painted
they're dry, we could sit lovely

still there, crows speech and fly on the sky by singing
earning food and giving a glance shows
have scatterred tears of pray
must be courage in stepping a way . . .

there a holy mat, grains of tasbih
whispering much prays for me,
kissing through
the eyes of

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