jendela nella s wulan ,

jendela  nella  s wulan     ,

Senin, 15 April 2013


HAIKU – HAIKU 1/ WHERE THE LEGS Where are legs of yours/ This is arrival of arms/ Saying of faces// 2/ LIMERENCE Limerence of God/ Hugs and kisses everyday/ Tight and not, for days// 3/ THE SAND The sand you’ve laid down/ In morning pray, tear and smile/ Chase much fog away// 4/ SHOULDERS Are these yours or theirs/ Which come by signing shoulders/ Whispering right left// 5/ COLORS Listen up the wind/ It says of you and people/ Blue brown red black white // 6/ TIGHTLY On shining bird’s wings/ There you walk on and run up/ In holding up sun’s// 7/ APPEARANCE Appearance of us/ From darkness to the bright wings/ Which flying bones up// 8/ DRIZZLE That wet is drizzle/ People used to sing and miss/ Put walking shoes on// 9/ SINCERE The sky’s gates open/ Insert eyes and soul of us/ By colorful ones// 10/ ANGKLUNG Bamboos lines-spring see/ Flower city of Bandung/ smile in reflection// ***** bandung, 16 April 2013

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