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Jumat, 07 Mei 2010

Pens' Dancers ( Penari Pena ), mopida kupida.....

Hi, it's great to be able to keep in touch with you through my window. I sincerely hope that you are well and had enjoyable time.. Sorry for the mistakes and lateness, if there could be. But growing is never late, isn't it. Then, good and wise in it.

I have written a poetry of Pens' Dancers, which I like, late at night. How I was really wanted to dance my fingers soon.. Typed and typed... then before finished it, up to the 3rd, how a note was dissapeared, it was lost! when I had kept nor saved it yet, either in a draft. Ufhh GOD...What a pity, that I had to arrange it over. It was late at night, the stars were sad of it ( I bet so ). Decided to sleep a while, caused I had to teach Junior High students in the morning.

After Subuh praying, a little late actually but it was about 05.00 am still. How Pens' Dancers were dancing on my mind. Then I wrote it down at the second time, surely it was a bit different in words by the first. But the theme is quite fair the same. And I have typed and typed over..... such a game has gone by the time, quickly.
I was accompanied by a cool morning, the kids who were got up and watched a cartoon film on a tv directly. They sat down nicely when I was typing.

Thank's GOD I could finished the Pens' Dancers in a few minutes before going to teach English at SMP.A school's bell was heard and danced on my ears, fortunately, a house is close to school, so I just had run a while to come .
Arriving school with a sunshine.. Began to keep teaching in front of classes...

Penari Pena, Pens' Dancers is talking about how angels, here, Mopida and Kupida always write down nicely our praying to GOD. Accompanied us in running a life. Even GOD could listened directly what we have been asked, what we hope, what we have missed of, in strengten at all. GOD knows everything.
Hopefully, friends would like to enjoy reading my poetry which was published on fb.. Pens' Dancers, here you go...

( sorry, please you may read a poetry on my note's profile on fb, namely; Nella Sriwulandari )

Thank's for everything. Warmest regards, nella swulan.

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